(Families, Partners, Couples)

Why Self-Pay Psychotherapy?

Most therapy clients have experienced some kind of trauma during their lifetime. Common Counseling therapists use a trauma-informed approach which includes letting you decide how often you want to see us and what kind of therapy techniques you’re ready for. Insurance requires us to diagnose you (whether or not you want a diagnosis in your record) and can restrict the type of therapy you receive or make us rush your process. It’s stressful for all of us and you deserve better than that. You deserve self-determination and the quality of care that self-pay makes possible.

How Can I Afford Self- Pay Therapy?

We offer several options to help make therapy more affordable. 

  • Less Frequent Sessions & Longer Sessions: If you can’t afford to see us weekly, you can try every other week or once a month. You can also try longer sessions but space them out further apart. This can be even more effective for some clients than the old tradition of an hour a week.
  • Shorter Sessions: You can choose shorter sessions to keep your cost down or to accommodate a busy schedule. Some clients only need brief check-ins and some alternate short and regular length sessions to keep cost down. Having a “mini session” option helps us tailor cost to your needs and budget.
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy is awesome! It can be as effective or even more effective than individual therapy and, because you’re sharing the cost with others, it is much more affordable than individual sessions.
  • EAP: Employee Assistance Programs sometimes cover a small number of sessions. We may be able to apply to be a provider with your employer’s EAP program. EAPs typically only offer a few sessions, but they can be a way to cover the cost while you get started and then you can switch to one of the other affordability options.
  • Sliding Scale: All of our providers offer a certain number of adjusted rate sessions to meet the ethical imperative of making quality therapy affordable to all. If you would like to get on the list for sessions at an adjusted rate, let us know.

Session Types

Standard Session

(50 minutes: $125-$140)

This is the most common session type. Clients typically start with more frequent sessions (weekly or biweekly) and then reduce frequency as they reach their goals (monthly, as needed, etc.).

Intensive Session

(80 minutes: $188-$210)

Intensive sessions are a good fit for clients who need more time to settle into a session before beginning deeper work, relationships (families, partners, couples) and those receiving EMDR. Longer intensives (several hours in one session or meeting several days in a row) can be selected when working through tougher issues or to make it possible for long distance clients to meet in person, etc. All clients are asked to book an 80 minute intensive session for their first visit.

Mini Session

(25 minutes: $63-$70)

Mini sessions can be a great option for clients who are shy about getting started, want to warm up to longer sessions, or for people who can’t get away from their everyday life long enough for a standard length session. Some clients use this option to keep their overall cost down or to get extra support between sessions. 

Group Therapy

(60-90 minutes: $45-$65)

Group therapy is awesome! No exaggeration. And it’s a great way to break with the myth that healing happens in private or that struggle should be a secret. Some healing can only happen in community. Our groups are small and thoughtfully curated so you get the benefit of being with people who have the same kinds of challenges you do. Groups are offered in person, virtually, and hybrid. New groups start up about once per quarter. Ask us if you’d like to get on the list for an upcoming group.

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