Are you a clinician looking
to branch out into private practice?

We envision a world in which therapy is common, free of stigma, and financially accessible for our clients. But what about the clinicians?  Resource disparity is a major factor influencing who gets the private practice option and who gets funneled towards working in other environments.

We empower clinicians from oppressed and marginalized backgrounds to enter private practice when they are ready and energized, rather than waiting until burnout drives them to their breaking point.

Ours is a team of peers who value a decolonizing perspective on therapy, professionalism, and ethics. Our clinicians make their own schedules and receive as much support, encouragement, and resources as we can possibly offer.

If you’ve been wanting to work in a private practice environment that values who you are above the number of hours you can squeeze into a week, reach out to us. We’re excited to meet you!